Saturday, September 9, 2017

Stained Glass?

Stained Glass was the prompt that started this tile. When I saw the prompt I knew - COLOR!!! And I LOVE to play with my coloring tools. Not too much tangling but that is because I wanted the colors to shine. 

This picture shows the pen that I used to do the 'lead' lines on this tile. I actually drew the piece out lightly with pencil first and then did all the colors. This way, when I drew the thicker lead lines, I could cover up some areas I wasn't too happy with. The tangle line work was done with a Pigma Micron 01 pen

I used my Tombow markers and a watercolor technique to get the stained glass effect. I wet a small area first, then picked up color off the Styrofoam plate with a wet brush and touched the color to my tile. I love the unpredictability of the watercolor method. By the way, you may notice in the last tile that I intensified some small areas with more color. For that I used my Inktense pencils.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Zentangle plates

Zentangle plates is a concept where 4 tiles are put together. They all have the same circular strings but are tangled with their own tangle patterns. When put together they form a 'plate'. This was a fun project to do. It was interesting to choose tangle patterns that varied in light and dark, curves vs straight lines, and random vs geometric shapes.

Below is each tile separately and at the end is the grouping before shading.

 Sampson, Bales, Coil, ?

 Rain, Meer, Zenith, N'zeppel

 Crescent moon, Echoism, Copada, W2

 Bales fragment, Onamato, Ditto, Surf's up/also named ___?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fragments D1

'Reticula and Fragments' is the name of a chapter in the Zentangle Primer book. The concept is that you take a small fragment and by flipping and/or mirroring that small fragment, you can create a myriad of new patterns.  In this tile I used the fragment that is labeled D1 in the Primer. You can see in the picture below how I drew the tangle several times on small pieces of paper. I could them experiment with twisting and turning the fragment to see what I wanted to draw.

I used a brown pen and colored pencils for shading to create my version using the D1 fragment.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Playing with Inktense pencils

Playing with my Inktense pencils recently. I saw photos from a class that another CZT gave. I apologize that I didn't write her name down and thus can't give her credit. - If you saw her pictures on Facebook please let me know so I can properly thank her!

I started with a selection of my Inktense pencils, activated them with water, and then tangled around them as usual. I decided against adding a highlight to turn them into gems as I just wanted to use the glow from the colors.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

'Nzeppel - Renaissance road

Follow your path, wherever it goes. The tangle used in this tile is 'Nzeppel. It has always reminded me of a cobblestone path so I decided to go with that theme. I used a Renaissance tile, brown Micron, colored penil to shade and a white chalk pencil to highlight.

My path in life is very different than it was two years ago. My husband and I were settling into retirement and enjoying the grandkids. Now that he is gone I am looking at my new life as a widow and wondering what my future will hold. But just like the Zentangle philosophy of  'one stroke at a time', I'm taking things one day at a time. My new phase of life may be a renaissance. We will see.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Twisted Corners

Sometimes I get into an artistic funk. I just can't really get going. I've been in this funk for a while now. I surf the web and see all sorts of beautiful work but I haven't been inspired much.

Thankfully I have the CZT group to inspire and encourage me. Yesterday I saw a Facebook post by Romi Marks CZT showing the tiles from her latest class. She taught the tangle pattern Twisted Corners from Alexandria Cortez Diaz. As I hadn't tried this tangle before now I had to try it out. The other tangle patterns here are Diamond drop, Cadent, and Flux. I added colored pens and colored pencils.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

new pen play

At a recent gathering of Zentangle fans in Wisconsin I was introduced to a new way to use a pen. It's the Elegant Writer pen and its main use is for calligraphy.  But someone discovered that when the lines are touched with water the ink bleeds in a variety of colors. Now if you are trying to do an elaborate calligraphy piece that would be a problem. But since there are no mistakes in Zentangle, this is just a happy accident.

In the pieces pictured above I tangled using a variety of tangles, with the main tangle being Aquafleur.  I used the pen both with the thick part of the pen as intended, and also holding the pen so I used only the thin edge. Then I used a brush loaded with plain water and touched the edges of the tangling, allowing the pen to bleed.

 I did a quick video to show how this pen bleeds when it hits the water. I'm trying to figure out how to show the video here but until I figure that out just click on the blue type - 

I tried running the pen through a wet area on a card just so I could see what would happen. I suspect that this isn't the best idea for the future as it may dilute the ink in the pen. But WOW! it was so cool to see what happened. Look in the picture below to see what happened after the piece was fully dry.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Twisted rope two ways

Twisted rope is the name that was given to this string. It's a string that is fairly simple but I love what you can do with it. And there are several variations too. You can see the basic string at Margaret Bremer's blog by clicking here. 

Here I used it twice. Once in a traditional black and white and then again with color. The colored one was done using Derwent Intense colored pencils with a watercolor technique. I did the color first so I could focus on the highlights. Then I added the tangles with penwork, purposely skipping the highlight area to add some sparkles.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Puffin and Munich

Traveling to new places can be so inspirational for tangling. I was recently in Munich, Germany and had the pleasure of visiting several of the beautiful and historic churches. The ornate decoration in many of them is amazing. I took lots of pictures. I was fustrated in visiting some of them as they had a service going every time I got there and of course they don't want you to take pictures or walk around during the service. I finally waited and was rewarded with magnificent organ music and choirs. And when the service ended I was amazed at how each smaller altar was decorated differently.
The tile here was inspired by the elaborate carvings around the columns and on the walls. I used some tangleations of the tangle "puffin" as I did this.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Picture in a picture

This challenge was to find an image. Adhere it to a tile. And tangle around it. I found an image in some junk mail. It spoke to me as I'm getting ready to go on a trip to Germany.  I'm looking forward to exploring the country.
I decided to add color with my Inktense pencils since the image I began with was colored. Fun tile.

Friday, May 19, 2017

string thing 195

Adele Bruno has a challenge on her blog for using a particular string and specified tangles. I haven't done many of the challenges lately but this week I got the bug and had to try it out. I was inspired to try out the technique of linking one tangle to another. You can see the way the Printemps and Strutz connect. The tangles used here are Printemps from Zentangle, Strutz from Sarah Fowler, and Tessell from Judy Okawa,  If you want to try it yourself the link is

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Moonstripes is what I'm calling this tile. I had one thing in my head when I started but as Zentangle often does, it ended up going in a different direction when I finished.

 I started with a black Zentangle tile. I used a Zenstone to do a few quick string lines. I went to grab my white Sakura gellyroll pen but instead I grabbed my Sakura clear glaze gellyroll pen. The clear pen makes beautiful lines that also act as a resist so I ended up deciding to go in a new direction. I took two pictures here so you could see the glaze lines better. I also used my Zenstone to highlight the 'moon' area.

I then picked up the Zenstone that I used to do my string. Using a metal file I scraped the Zenstone and created dust. (I like to call it Fairy Dust!)

With my fingertip, I gently rubbed the white dust into the paper. Wherever the pen lines were, the dust did not stick. After it was all rubbed in I went over some areas again to remove any dust from on top of the glaze lines. Fun project!

I love experimenting with my tools and seeing what different effects I get. Have fun with your supplies!

Thursday, May 4, 2017


A quick tile I did last night. The diva challenged us to try a tangle named Scallamps that was deconstructed by Sarah Uram. This tangle was new to me. It seems to me to be a tangleation of several other patterns.

As I looked at it it reminded me of some type of fantasy sea life so I went with that theme. I know zentangle is really more non-represetational. (It shouldn't look like anything). So this is definately a ZIA - zentangle inspired art.

I used a green Micron pen to do the Scallamps and Mooka fish. The color was added with Inktense pencils and then a water brush.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Zendala Swap

One of my favorite things about teaching Zentangle is when we create a mosaic of everyone's tiles. Seeing how everyone did the same tangle patterns but did them in their own way, with their own style, brings home the message that we are all unique in this world. We may walk similar paths, but we have the power to make it our own. Since we just celebrated Earth Day, I choose to look for the ways we can find our points of agreement among our differences to save our earth.

I recently attended a seminar with over 100 Zentangle Teachers in Florida. Many of us created Zendalas using 4 tiles. We then traded with others to create new unique Zendalas. I did two sets and the two pictures that start this post are the two sets that I did.

All of the tiles were displayed on tables so we could see all of them at once and ooh and ahh. I took LOTS of pictures. These are just a few.

As you can see, you don't even have to arrange them in a circle to make an effective display.

These two sets are the ones I went home with.

Thank you to all who participated!!!!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Circle Square

I went crazy with ideas for the circle/square string challenge this week. There are many ways I could have varied the sizes of the shapes but I decided to use only a 2"square and 2" circle. I did 3 tiles with  technique variations. All the backgrounds are done with watercolor paint. I used colored pens for the tangles and colored pencils for the shading on all the tiles. I couldn't decide which one I liked best. Which one is your favorite?\

On the first tile, the background was colored a light violet first. I did the entire square with pink and let it dry. Then I did the entire circle with blue. The tangles are Zenith, Paradox, Cadent and Diva Dance.

On the tile above I started with a tile colored pink. I then cut out the square shape from paper colored purple and the circle used a blue paper. I glued them onto the pink paper and tangled away. Tangles are Bales and Hurry Holli.

I started here with a tile with a lightly mottled pink color. Then I put a circle shape and a square shape on top. With a spray bottle I spayed additional pink paint. I carefully removed the circle and square. When it was fully dry I added the tangles and shading. Tangles are Ditto, Raddox and Tripoli.

These are the tiles before the tangles were added. I photographed this late at night so the color isn't very good. I started adding tangles to the one tile before I remembered to take the picture but hey, that happens!